Limited time offer!

Gift 6 months of great fun – 1 month free!


Half a year of continuous fun and development!

You will be giving them a personalized coupon (with a note from you) for a 6 month prepaid subscription (which they can renew or cancel anytime)


A full half a year of Play Go Round toys to play with and exchange whenever they like! You are giving them the opportunity to play with some of the best toys for their development during a full 180 days during which they can play with up to 20 toys and more without clutter and without waste.

For as long as their subscription is active, they will receive boxes of toys that they can keep as long as they want and exchange whenever they want to discover new ones.

Each box is a surprise in itself, carefully designed for their specific developmental milestones, and the experiences they need for a fun and dynamic childhood full of play!

Our experts will contact the family and design every box according to the developmental milestones and preferences of the child.

  • Each box is valued at around 60€
  • It has 2 super clean, environment loving toys in separate cotton bags
  • A fact sheet with details about each toy and brand, recommendations on using the toys and a child development skills guide