Duo Play

45,00 / month

How does it work?

  1. We design your first box based on our selection criteria and your preferences. Once you have finalized your subscription, we will get in touch with you to determine your preferences and requirements.
  2. You will be charged your first month only when the first box is on its way to you. While we design and prepare your first experience, we will not charge your payment method.
  3. From then on, each new box will be designed by our team taking into consideration each of your children’s development and preferences and will be sent when you are ready to send back the previous one and receive a new one.
  4. You can always cancel/pause your subscription by simply requesting a cancellation/pause and returning the last box.


What is included in my subscription?

  • Boxes with 4 educational, high quality sustainable toys (2 for each child), valued at around 100€, that you can swap whenever you want.
  • Toy combinations selected according to the children’s age, preferences and the skills they need to develop in each stage of their development.
  • Clean and disinfected toys packaged in their individual cotton bags with their own info sheets containing specs and recommendations.
  • Deliveries and returns included in the price, as many times as you need during your subscription.
  • A dedicated team ready to answer your questions and offer recommendations.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 38 × 31 cm